The StructurA uniqueness and strength lies in the complementarity of its members, each of whom has provided the highest quality of professional and ethical consulting services for years. The increasing complexity involved in defining the nation’s public affairs is evident for observers of the economic and political life of Mexico, as well as the multiple economic and political challenges that the country will have to face. The response to these challenges requires a multidisciplinary and cohesive team of experts that is not spread out across different firms. This is what sets StructurA apart, making it the firm of choice, particularly for the different angles involved in complex projects.

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Founded in 1990 by a multidisciplinary group of specialists with top-notch experience in both the private and public sectors, GEA has become a benchmark for the highest quality and reliability in the Mexican political and economic consulting market. It provides information, analysis, and specialized consulting services.

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MBD is an integrator of highly professional multidisciplinary teams that are formed to provide comprehensive and efficient services tailored to meet the needs of each client and project. The strength of MBD lies in its ample knowledge of the Mexican private and public sectors, as well as its ability to call on highly trained professionals specialized in different fields.

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PRoa is known for its design and implementation of strategies to benefit the relevance, influence, and reputation of companies and organizations operating in sectors and industries with high potential for exposure to the political, social, and regulatory environment. Its team is made up of specialists with ample experience, knowledge and strong relations in the public, private, and media sectors, whose top-level talent and multidisciplinary capacity ensure their ability to understand and meet the complex needs of its clients.

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EnergeA is a company whose goal is to support the development of its own or third-party projects in the energy sector through the conception and integration of business opportunities. EnergeA does this by staying current on the energy market situation, and tracking business opportunities in the energy sector, for both the public and private sectors. The firm organizes the “Energy Mexico: Oil, Gas, and Power” Expo and Conference every year.

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