Economic and political consulting firm
Specialized in providing comprehensive information and detailed analysis.

Why GEA?

Founded in 1990 by a multidisciplinary group of specialists with top-notch experience in both the private and public sectors, GEA has become a benchmark for the highest quality and reliability in the Mexican political and economic consulting market.



1. Information and Analysis

Valuable reports for public and private corporate strategic planning both in Mexico and abroad.

GEA Economics

Analytical and timely weekly reports on the evolution of key economic variables. This publication provides an in-depth analysis of aspects that are relevant to the economic situation while presenting a summary of the week’s macroeconomic indicators.

gea economico

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GEA Politics

Is a weekly analytical report on political events, such as government policies and strategies, national and local elections, congressional activities, public safety, violence, conflicts, and labor events such as work stoppages, strike notices, salary reviews, and trade union events.

gea politico

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GEA Prospective

A monthly report with forecasts on medium-term key macroeconomic variables for the next three years.

gea prospectiva

GEA Telephone Consultations

Offers subscribers direct access to GEA partners to answer their concerns about the economic and political environment.

gea personalizada

GEA Meeting Consultations

Four monthly meetings held to present short-term economic and political outlooks to clients.

gea reunion

GEA Emails

Basic information on the main financial markets, sent after the markets close in Mexico and abroad.

gea correo

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Political Scenarios

GEA and Applied Social Investigation (ISA) work together on the project “Mexico: Politics, Society, and Change. Political Scenarios,” combining the analytical capacity of GEA with the technical capacity of ISA to conduct home surveys. It is presented quarterly to different high-level participants in the country’s economic and political life. There are also times when it incorporates a detailed analysis of security and violence in Mexico in terms of its implications for governance, and its impact on the economy and on public opinion.

gea correo

México, política, sociedad y cambio

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Escenarios Políticos Diciembre 2018


2. Specialized economic, Financial, and Political Consulting Services


Sectoral economic analysis

Strategic advice on the design, management, and evaluation of public policy and projects

Competition and regulation analysis

Intelligence on government effectiveness

Federal, state, and municipal public finances

Strategic and corporate planning

Public safety strategies for state and municipal governments

Socioeconomic and opinion polls


After nearly three decades of hard work, GEA has built the prestige required to work with leading companies in Mexico, as well as international companies in different financial sectors and countries. It has also advised practically all of the Federal Government’s agencies during several administrations, as well as state and municipal governments, authorities of different countries and multilateral organizations.


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            logo globalSourcePartners

            GlobalSource a global network of independent information suppliers and economic and political analysis with a presence in 14 countries and clients in three continents. Since 2004, GEA//StructurA is the Mexican content provider for LatinSource/GlobalSource.


            GEA partnered with ISA (Investigaciones Sociales Aplicadas), a leading surveys and opinion studies company in Mexico, in 1998. This partnership allows us to offer our clients information on periodic surveys, as well as specialized opinion studies. The GEA-ISA surveys have become a standard that is widely recognized and valued in Mexico.


            Fundación GEA is committed to generate evidence for making informed and reasoned decisions, particularly those that have a direct impact on society and the lives of the people who make it up.

            We have the firm conviction and the desire to contribute to the attention of the public problems of our society. We consider that successful public decisions are those that consider the analysis, evaluation and rethinking of strategies as an essential part of their operation.

            Fundación GEA has the support of a group of specialists, both internal and external, with extensive experience and academic training to understand and address the complex public problems wich faces our current society.