GEA - Services

Economic analysis projects of diverse sectors

GEA has extensive experience and prestige in the elaboration of studies in different key economic sectors.

gea economico

GEA has developed studies and participated in consultancies for companies and business chambers, as well as for public and multinational organizations, in aspects related to foreign trade (analysis of productive potential, impact of tariffs or treaties, and unfair trade practices); foreign investment; analysis of demand and market development, as well as labor structure and prices, in the following sectors:

  • `Banking and Financial sector
  • Automotive sector
  • Transportation infrastructure: port, roads, airport and rail
  • Agricultural and Agroindustrial sector
  • Turism
  • Telecommunications sector
  • Housing sector
  • Textile sector
  • Pharmaceutical industry and medical services
  • Steel industry
  • Construction sector


Federal, state and municipal public finances

Analysis of income and public expenditure as well as perspective of debt for states and municipalities.

gea politico

GEA prepares periodic follow-up analyzes of public finances and has participated in advising state and municipal governments regarding perspective on levels of debt and structure of revenues and expenditures in the states and municipalities. As part of the foregoing, credit risk rating models are designed and implemented for states and municipalities.


Strategic advice in design, management and evaluation of public policies

GEA has 28 years of experience in the design of public policies, as well as in the management of programs and their evaluation of impact and results.

gea personalizada

GEA participates in advisory projects on public policies and programs in the following aspects:

  • Support in the design of public policies, as well as in state development plans, state plans with sectoral and regional dimension.
  • Analysis of the management of public policies and preparation of monitoring indicators.
  • Design evaluations, consistency and results and impact, both national and international.
  • Advice on design of auction and bidding mechanisms.


Advice on evaluation of public and private investment projects

gea prospectiva

Financial profitability and cost-benefit analysis for the measurement of economic, social and environmental impacts of private and public projects, as well as public-private partnerships (PPP), public concessions and privatizations.


Intelligence for effective governments

GEA has extensive experience in advising federal government agencies and state and municipal governments on institutional development and the design of governance strategies and political risks.

gea reunion

Within the intelligence consultancies for governments, GEA has developed projects on the following topics:

  • Institutional political development
  • Strategies and models of political risk analysis
  • Analysis and strategies of governance


Socioeconomic and public opinion surveys

GEA presents and analyzes public opinion surveys on a quarterly basis and monitors electoral preferences during election periods. Likewise, it elaborates socioeconomic surveys in evaluation projects with field survey requirements.

gea correo

GEA presents the results of the GEA ISA opinion surveys on a quarterly basis at the Political Scenarios meeting. In addition to the above, it analyzes opinion polls and electoral follow-up for clients, designs and raises socioeconomic surveys and develops qualitative research based on interviews in the field for the mapping of actors and the evaluation of the impact of programs and projects.


Public security strategies for state and municipal governments.

GEA has developed analytical and strategic projects in matters of public security, both in the prevention and fight against crime, as well as in the law enforcement.


GEA has significant experience in advising state and municipal governments and federal agencies in relation to comprehensive intelligence strategies for the prevention and fight against crime, as well as improving the processes of the prosecution and justice processes. In this regard, projects have been developed on the following topics:

  • Cost estimates in general state attorneys for child protection.
  • Geo-referenced analysis of crimes in municipalities and localities as an input for the design of prevention and combating crimes strategies with the greatest impact in the specific municipality.
  • Development of training systems in police functions through mechanisms for gathering information on crimes and criminal actors.


Advisory on competition and regulation

The company has accumulated a great experience and prestige in economic advisory on competition and regulation issues for public and private organizations.


GEA has developed economic analysis studies related to issues of economic competition such as:

  • Defense and denunciation of monopolistic practices applied by the Federal Competition Commission
  • Economic appraisals and notifications in legal proceedings
  • Diagnosis of the levels of competition in specific markets (dominance and market power) or of the possible effects on competition of specific public policies