Each project is unique. Based on the customer’s needs, STRUCTURA companies can act independently or in a coordinated manner. Whether one or more companies get involved depends on each project’s specific needs.


The firm continues to build on its widely recognized prestige and experience in conducting economic, financial and political analysis by engaging in projects that require such capabilities. The company also has considerable experience (17 years) in public opinion surveys on political topics and other specific subjects.


MBD is designed to fully support the development of diverse entrepreneurial projects in Mexico and abroad as it can integrate teams of professionals with multidisciplinary skills in a variety of specializations.


PRoA is defined by its extensive experience in the fields of public communication, public relations and lobbying. It participates in projects that require a comprehensive strategy and detailed action plans in these areas.


The firm specializes in the energy sector, its strength based on the broad experience of its partners to develop own or third party projects.