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Provider of comprehensive information and detailed analysis

GEA is a company generating high value added comprehensive information and detailed analysis to private companies and public organizations, both Mexican and international.

GEA was founded in 1990 by a multidisciplinary group of specialists with top notch experience in both government and private sector.

On the strength of our more than two and a half decades of continuous work, GEA has become an essential benchmark of excellence among Mexican economic and political consulting firms.

On the strength of the professional prestige we built over these years, GEA has worked with some of the world’s leading companies, virtually every Mexican federal government agency, as well as numerous state and municipal governments, and authorities from multiple countries and various multilateral organizations.

Above all, GEA has earned a prominent place in public discussion in Mexico. Our partners are regular commentators in both national and international media, and our products are a constant point of reference in public debates.

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RT @gamaaderivados: Indicadores: Balanza comercial (Abr), Balanza de pagos I-17, Inventarios mayoristas EU (Abr) @ClubDeEmpresariEcono @Red…

3 days ago

Indicadores: Balanza comercial (Abr), Balanza de pagos I-17, Inventarios mayoristas EU (Abr) @ClubDeEmpresariEcono @RedesInv @GEAeconomistas

3 days ago

Crece PIB 2.8% en I-17; en el trimestre 0.7%; así las cosas modifico mi estimación para 2017 de 1.52 a 1.72% @GEAeconomistas @LosEconomistas

6 days ago

Hoy se da a conocer el PIB a precios constantes del 1-17 y el IGAE correspondiente a marzo @GEAeconomistas @LosEconomistas @CE_EdoMex

6 days ago

Los indicadores: PIB (precios constantes) 1-17, IGAE (Mar) @ClubDeEmpresariEcono @RedesInv @eleconomista @elEconomistaes @GEAeconomistas

6 days ago
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